Three’s not a Crowd for This Horny Gal

Posted September 18, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls10 Threes not a Crowd for This Horny Gal

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Those fingernails look wickedly sharp, and I’m not sure if I’d want them anywhere near my orifices, but I suppose if you’re the kind of girl who’s into wearing crotchless hose, you’re going to be looking to stuff something up your snatch! Perhaps this masturbating girl’s simply using whatever’s handy to fill the arbor, or maybe she’s taking the measure of her front gate (it appears there’s room for three abreast to pass!). But she’s not done yet! Check out just how many digits get crammed into her parlor, and that’s not even counting the back room!


Just Show Us the Money, Honey

Posted September 11, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls4 Just Show Us the Money, Honey

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Some girls go where the money is, and in this case the money leads right to a horny love hole! This hot girl’s masturbating her way to the moolah. Her fingers follow the cash to her secret stash, and when she spreads those cunt lips, lo and behold, we get to see a closeup of where she keeps her coin! That’s quite the change purse she has there. Makes a guy wonder how many of those toonies she’s got socked away in her tight little chuf. And it really makes a guy want to probe that creamy crevasse to find out! This girl’s in the money all right, and the money’s in her! Wonder if she’s got change for a twenty!


Hippie Girl’s Masturbating is Far Out

Posted September 4, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls9 Hippie Girls Masturbating is Far Out

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Remember the days of free love and flower power? Well, they’re not all dead and gone. This kerchief wearing, bead toting sex pot is feeling the love, and she’s looking to share it with you. She wants you to join her as she gets groovy with her dildo, and you’re going to really dig the way she shoves that faux phallus in her baby cave. If it’s masturbating girls you’re trolling for, this ‘piece’ loving flower child is really outta sight (so is that dildo!), and she’ll have you cumming thicker than a five dollar malt! Off ya go, daddy-o!


Caught in a Flood of Her Own Making

Posted August 28, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls8 Caught in a Flood of Her Own Making

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So she’s sucking on her finger like a kid with a lollipop, but what’s she going to do with that wet digit? She’s going to shove it up her hot hoochie, that’s what. And while right hand is busy plumbing the depths, left hand is very actively engaged in paddling the boat! The way this girl’s masturbating, it looks like she’s soon going to have to start bailing. Her river’s rushing like a tidal bore, and the little man in the dingy is already drowning! Why not grab your yardarm and pay this horny thing a visit? It looks like she could use an extra hand at the rudder!


This Masturbating Girl’s Stuffing Both Holes

Posted August 21, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls7 This Masturbating Girls Stuffing Both Holes

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It’s always a pleasure to watch a girl masturbating, but you’ve got to love a gal who loves a good double penetration. This hot darling has got some intense need happening—intense enough to want both of her holes stuffed, like NOW! That’s one hell of a thick one her hoo-hoo’s hanging on to, and it begs the question of whether or not she’d be a good candidate for anything smaller than a donkey’s dong. But hey, by the time you watch her manipulating both of those toys to a resounding chorus of moans (be they from pain or ecstasy), you’ll be hung like a thoroughbred yourself!


The Healthy Girl’s Masturbating Workout

Posted July 31, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls5 The Healthy Girls Masturbating Workout

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Ah, there’s nothing like a little morning exercise to get the motor running, and watching this girl masturbating sure revs my engine! She chooses to do her squats with the aid of a large dildo, and boy oh boy, does she put some effort into that workout! By the time she’s finished her warm up, you can see her sexy body glistening with sweat and that twat-stretcher dripping with pussy juice! She really limbers up the old libido with her morning routine, and you’ll be flexing your love muscle right along with her!