She Just Loves to Love Herself

Posted July 24, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls6 She Just Loves to Love Herself

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That’s it, honey, adjust that camera angle so we get the best view of your hot body, yeah! Judging by her desire to point the lens just so, and by her obvious fondness for gold body adornment, I’d say this chick’s got a little narcissistic streak in her. And when I see how she likes to jam her fingers into her sticky honey pot, I’d have to say she’s got a strong libidinous streak too! That’s a compelling combination for those of us who like to watch hot girls masturbating, and this girl’s vain enough—and horny enough—to give us a truly cock-rocking show!


This Masturbating Girl’s Getting Kinky

Posted July 17, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls1 This Masturbating Girls Getting Kinky

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It’s a hot day, the temperature is rising, and this babe is feeling the heat in more ways than one! It’s a day for cold drinks and hot girls masturbating, and our girl is more than ready to oblige. She’s stripped off to her nothings, the better to access that hot twat of hers, and there’s a cool can of Sparks at the ready. What’s she going to do with that beverage can? Will she pour its contents over her steaming pussy, or is she going to shove it up there can and all? Maybe she’s hot enough to do both! You’ll have to take a look and find out!


A Staid Demeanor Hides a Lusty Nympho

Posted July 10, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls21 A Staid Demeanor Hides a Lusty Nympho

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What does it take to get a studious, straight-laced gal like this to open herself up? Looks like a big blue vibrator does the trick! She may be the serious type, but when this girl’s masturbating, she sure loses her reserve! That cool exterior melts away in the face of her hot lust, and she gives herself up to the serious pleasure of self-stimulation. You’ll get your share of serious pleasure too when you see how this babe pumps her pussy full of plastic penis, giving herself up to her carnal desires with wild abandon!


Girl Masturbating While on the Bottle

Posted July 3, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls3 Girl Masturbating While on the Bottle

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At first glance this looks like a fire extinguisher—and it certainly appears that this chick has a big fire to put out!—but no. It’s a bottle the size of which has never before been crammed in a tight twat! You’ve got to see this babe draining her pussy juice into that bottle top to believe it! Now I’ve watched masturbating girls shove some interesting items in their cooches, and I’ve seen some sizable long-necks disappear into some small spaces, but I’ve never witnessed anything like what this babe’s trying to accomplish here. If she puts even a quarter of that thing away, I’ll be her monkey’s uncle!


Real Orgasms from Girls Masturbating

Posted June 26, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

More often than not, anyone who has ever watched a porn video made by a professional porn star will have noticed that the orgasm that they witnessed was more than likely fake, or at least the thought has probably crossed their mind at least once. That’s because most professional porn stars DO fake their orgasms during sex tape filming. On the contrary, there are many amateur girls who have real orgasms in their videos and most of these videos are of girls masturbating. A legitimate orgasm is much more noticeable than a fake one. The fake ones tend to seem exaggerated while the real ones actually seem intense and can turn on a guy. These sorts of girls masturbation videos are ones that get lots of views and popularity on the internet because the viewer gets to see exactly how the girl works to achieve her orgasm. These methods could include toys, fingers, insertions, vibrations or one or more of many other activities. It’s up to the viewers to decide what they prefer to see in a girl masturbation video, though, so put on your thinking caps, grab that lotion and rag and check out some videos to see what turns you on!


Classy Chick Plays with Her Hidden Treasure

Posted June 19, 2014 By Girls Masturbating

masturbating hot girls12 Classy Chick Plays with Her Hidden Treasure

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All that glitters is gold…a gold vibrator, that is, and this blonde bombshell’s using it to get a buzz on. She’s got a fondness for shiny baubles, especially when said baubles can make a girl’s masturbating that much more enjoyable! This babe’s a real gem, and once you see how she handles the rest of her shiny sex toys, you’ll be wanting to plunder her booty! You’d best be taking out the family jewels before you visit, because her glistening jade gate and little pink pearl are going to have you doing the old spit and polish!


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